For International Students

経理ビジネス科 2年課程



販売ビジネス科 2年課程

ショップマネジメントコース Sales Business Course

Learn the ins and outs of the retail business. The course includes everything from distribution to the design of in shop sales displays.

ファッションアドバイザーコース Fashion Adviser Course

In the fashion adviser course, you will study customer service and other valuable skills to work in fashion retail.

フラワー科 2年課程

フラワーコーディネーターコース Flower Coordinator Course

A flower coordinator oversees arrangement design for hotels, weddings and other events. You will also learn how to make a bouquet and flower arrangement.

フラワーデザイナーコース Flower Design Course

You will learn all about flowers as well as the technical knowledge necessary for flower arrangement. .